What is Vasculitis?

Vasculitis is a disease characterized by inflammation of the blood vessels of the body. The inflammation can take place superficially (on your skin) or deeper in the body, like the arteries and veins of your internal organs.

If you have bumps on your skin that may just look like a rash or insect bites, you may have Vasculitis, just like our patient in the photos below.

The disease may attack the skin all over or be limited to one area, such as the rash on the buttock shown in the picture of our patient.

The above photo depicts a purplish tender breakout on the skin. These lesions may be the first manifestation of a serious internal disease such as Vasculitis.

How to treat Vasculitis?

There are many different skin or internal diseases that can present like the rash above. Some of them may be resolved with a simple treatment like a topical cream with no serious consequences. Others need immediate diagnosis and treatment to prevent the progression of the disease.

Dr. Shafa can diagnose these diseases just by looking at and touching your skin lesions most of the time.

If an internal disease is suspected, a simple blood test or skin biopsy can help to make or confirm the diagnosis and guide the proper treatment.

Delayed diagnosis and treatment of certain diseases may lead to further progression of the disease that includes involvement of the internal organs. This may complicate treatment and recovery.

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