Eye, Syringomas Removal

What are syringomas?

Syringomas are caused by an overgrowth of sweat glands which usually appear as a group of bumps on the skin. They can be skin-colored, yellow, pink, or darker than surrounding skin. Syringomas are harmless, painless lesions, but tend to be disliked aesthetically by patients.

Multiple syringomas present as clusters of 2 to 4 mm skin bumps which are typically located around the lower eyelids but it may involve any bodysite.

Eruptive syringomas are the result of an eruption of numerous of these lesions during childhood or early adulthood. This usually occurs on the shoulder, front of the neck , chest, abdomen, armpits or genital area.

Are syringomas of any concern?

Syringomas are usually an isolated finding and are not associated with any underlying disease. However, multiple or eruptive syringomas may also be associated with the following:

  • Down’s syndrome
  • Anti-seizure medications
  • Thyroid disease
  • Hair waxing
  • Diabetes mellitus

Is a biopsy of syringomas necessary?

Syringomas have an extremely low risk of transformation to malignancy, but sometimes more concerning lesions such as nonmelanoma skin cancers may present similarly to an isolated syringoma. Therefore, it is important to be evaluated by a licensed dermatologist for proper diagnosis. If our dermatologists are able to diagnose solely on clinical exam they will, but if there is any doubt as to the diagnosis a small biopsy will be performed for confirmation.

How Syringomas are treated

Syringomas have a firm texture and can not be squeezed. They are embedded in the full thickness of the skin and treatment of choice for permanent removal is simple excision. Although surgical excision of large tumors is often used, excision of all tumors is impractical since bumps are usually many and scattered. Therefore most of the smaller lesions will be destroyed by shaving or lasers such as CO2 laser.

How we treat Syringomas

The above photos represent before and after images of one of our patients following laser treatment for syringomas.

After answering all of your questions and obtaining a written consent, the area of treatment will be cleaned and prepped in a sterile fashion. The area will be numbed completely; larger lesions will be excised and smaller lesions destroyed by CO2 laser. Post care instructions will be discussed thoroughly and we anticipate the area to be healed within 7 to 10 day.

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