Face or Body Piercings

Here at OC MedDerm, our physicians are trained and able to perform any type of piercing that may be desired. Patients also have the opportunity to close up holes from prior piercings permanently if interested. Per patient request, re-piercing and repositioning of an old piercing can easily be accomplished as well. Our physicians are experts in repairing earlobes that have been misshapen due to injury, long term earring use, or as a result of aging.



At OC MedDerm not only do we repair earlobes but we also offer re-piercing if desired. The above patient of ours underwent earlobe repair and reshaping followed by repiercing. The procedure was performed pain-free and her recovery was fast. She loved her final result and said “I wish I would have done it years ago!”

Why should you have your piercing done by one of our physicians?

  • Knowledge of the skin and body anatomy is imperative: Our physicians have a level of education and experience with the anatomy of the skin and body that can only be attained by a dermatologist. As detail-oriented physicians, piercings will be performed precisely into the correct layer and exact angle of the skin or cartilage to give the best results.
  • Sterile procedure: At OC MedDerm, piercings will be performed under the highest level of strict and sterile conditions–the same conditions under which skin surgeries are performed to minimize any risk for unwanted complications such as infections.
  • Pain-free procedure: Prior to piercings (as with other in-office procedures) the area will be anesthetized with local anesthesia in order to ensure minimal pain and discomfort. This allows for accurate and careful piercings to be performed in complete comfort.
  • No infection: A piercing is initially an open wound. Any time the skin barrier is broken, bacteria can invade deeper layers of the skin and as a result trigger an infection. Having this procedure done by a physician and in sterile conditions minimizes the risk of infection. In the unlikely case that an infection occurs, you may see the physician for a complimentary follow-up. A prescription antibiotic can be provided if necessary.
  • Keloid avoidance: Keloids are a type of scar that results from overgrowth of scar tissue as a result of an injury (which can be a simple piercing or tattoo). Certain people are at higher risk of forming keloidal scars at the site of skin injuries. When evaluated for a piercing at OC MedDerm, you will be medically evaluated to explore your risk for keloids. Risks, benefits, and adverse events will be discussed in detail prior to the procedure.
  • Keloid prevention and treatment: If you are prone to keloids, various options can be used to help prevent/minimize risk for keloid scars, including topical creams/gels or in-office treatments. If you start developing keloids at the site of your piercing, you will have quick and convenient access to our physicians in order to initiate rapid treatment.
  • Steril tools: All of our tools used for our piercing procedures are disposable or sterilized at high temperatures in an autoclave device. Our physicians perform all types of piercings with specialized tools. Per patient request, a piercing gun can be used as well.
  • Herpes prevention and treatment: It is common for patients with a history of any type of herpes infection including “cold sores” or “fever blisters” to have a recurrent infection/flare following a nearby piercing. At OC MedDerm, a review of your medical history will be performed to determine if you need preventative therapy. In the rare chance you have a flare post-piercing, you will have quick and convenient access to our physicians in order to initiate rapid treatment.
  • High-risk candidates: Candidates with medical issues (i.e. diabetes or autoimmune disorders) are at higher risk for complications following a piercing (particularly infection). Pre-existing health problems do not eliminate your ability to heal normally following a piercing, but at OC MedDerm a thorough review of your medical history will be performed to determine if any particular precautions are necessary.
  • Art and science: Our physicians have a passion and talent for both art and science. They are trained in combining both the aspects of art and science in treating their patients. Their artistic vision and medical knowledge enables them to perform procedures in a cosmetic appealing and medically safe manner for the best results.

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