Ear Lump Removal Correction

Cauliflower ears (wrestler’s ear)

It is a deformity of the ear as a result of trauma which created heavy bleeding in deeper layers of the ear. Treatment within the first 48 hours is crucial to avoid necrosis and scarring of the ears.

The above photo is one of our patient that fortunately sought attention and received treatment within the first 48 hours after trauma. Accurate diagnosis is crucial prior to the treatment.

See us and request a same-day appointment for immediate treatment. Painfree quick aspiration of the blood under extreme strile condition is a fast successful procedure if it is performed correctly. Pressure dressing after the procedure is a must.

The photo above is right after the removal of the blood which resulted in pain and pressure relief immediately

Before and after photos, a year after the procedure

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Delayed treatment results in permanent scarring and deformities of the ears

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