Scar correction with topicals products*

Scar correction with topicals products

Topical acne scar correcting creams are an option for mild acne scars. Individuals with deeper scars that are not interested in undergoing more intense acne scar correction procedures will also see some benefit from using topical creams.

What are mild acne scars?

Discoloration with mild unevenness of the skin at the site of old acnes. Typically, light-colored people suffer from residual pinkish discoloration and dark-skinned individuals develop brown discoloration as a result of PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation). Large pores with or without oily skin may be present. Usually, mild acne scars involve a smaller area, such as the temples, cheeks, or forehead.

What is the best and most effective topical acne scar product?

With no doubt, prescription-strength of retinoic acid creams, a derivative of topical vitamin A, is the most effective skin rejuvenation and scar correction topical product-. This is scientifically proven in all medical research. The key is regular use of the highest prescription strength for over many years.

“Four birds with one stone”

Retinoic acids have the following benefits:

  • It is a gold standard first-line therapy for active acne
  • It prevents recurrence of acne
  • It improves acne scar, discoloration and skin blemishes over the years
  • It is the best antiaging by speeding up the turnover of the skin and constant skin remodeling and rejuvenation

What you want to know about retinoic acid

  • Effective for mild scars but deeper scars require more aggressive treatments
  • Improves pinkish or brownish acne marks
  • improves mild unevenness of the skin level
  • It works slowly, so it is a good option if the patient is not under time pressure
  • It has a less expensive option for scar correction.
  • Since the cream is very potent, you must start using a small amount of the cream a few times a week. After a few weeks gradually increase to every evening as tolerated.
  • Unwanted side effects of the retinoic acids are skin dryness, peeling, increase sensitivity to the sun, pinkish discoloration (Dark skin individuals must stay away from sun exposure which changes the pink to brown discoloration)
  • Unwanted downtime is just a couple of weeks. After the skin is rejuvenated, new skin is more resilient with no more downtime as you continue using the cream
  • During downtime and peeling, you may use oil-based repair cream such as advanced repair cream from Eucerin if your skin is not prone to acne. Acne-prone skin must use water-based moisturizer for itching and peeling.

How I can expect faster and deeper acne scar correction?

Of course, the multimodality approach to scar treatment is usually more effective and achieves the best cosmetic result within a shorter time period.

Who benefits from topical treatment:

  • Individuals with milder acne scars, predominantly brown or pink discolored scars with mild skin irregularities.
  • If people can not afford to go through more aggressive downtime with acne scar treatment.
  • If they decide to give a chance to gentle treatment before they up to more aggressive tx
  • If they are planning for aggressive tx such as laser or invasive procedures but pretreatment with topical is recommended and started to prep the skin for next up-level tx
  • If the cost of other treatment is not affordable
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