Fractional CO2 Laser resurfacing for acne scar removal

Fractional CO2 laser has been proven among physicians and patients to be the most effective and intensive device to correct skin issues permanently. Being able to use CO2 laser in fractional technology guarantees minimal downtime with no complication for an intense and effective treatment. The procedure will be performed in a relaxed comfortable environment with fully controlled laser-related discomfort. We guarantee you will walk out of our office with an excellent experience..

Call us to make an appointment to see if you are a right candidate for CO2 laser rejuvenation or acne scar correction treatment. Cosmetic consultations are complimentary, we strive to help others achieve their skin goals and hope to be of assistance to you in the future!



Acne scar removal by CO2 laser


The above are before and after photos of one of our patients after having fractional CO2 laser performed for acne scar correction. The picture on the right was taken after his 3rd session to further improve his skin tone and texture.

Results during the third CO2 laser scar correction Stay tuned for the final unbelievable outcome coming soon!

The above are before and after photos of one of our patients four weeks after a single session of CO2 laser acne scar correction. Four weeks after a single CO2 laser Acne scar correction. Additional treatment for optimal results are pending. Coming soon!

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If you suffer from acne scars and you want results and need an effective, intense skin resurfacing treatment, you might be a good candidate for a fractionated CO2 laser to be performed by an experienced physician. We also offer all existing acne scar treatment options!

Please feel free to ask questions or call us to make an appointment to meet with one of our dermatologists and receive a non-obligatory complimentary evaluation of your skin and to be educated extensively about your treatment options.


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