Treat yourself with our complimentary consultation
Become educated about your options
Learn about pros and cons of treatments
No obligation

At OC MedDerm, your dermatology office, we offer a complimentary consultation for all of our cosmetic services. During such a visit you will meet Dr. Sahfa as well as our cosmetic consultant for all your detailed questions and concerns.

We offer a free consultation for the following services:

Cosmetic Skin Surgeries

Cosmetic mole removal is our signature service
Bumps on the face, neck and chests
Skin lumps on face, scalp and body
Cherry angiomas, broken capillaries
All type of piercing, ears, lips, nose, eyebrow, belly button or more
Repairing of torn piercing
Closing of unwanted piercing
Ear lobe repair

Scar Correction

Acne scar removal is our signature service
Stretch mark treatment
Keloid evaluation
Surgery incision scar correction
Burn scar treatment
Scar revision

Correction of aging changes

Forehead wrinkle and frown line making an angry look
Circle under the eye giving you a tired look
Drop of the corner of the mouth causing a sad impression
Thinning of the lips
Nose deformities
Sagging of the face with jewel
Loose neck and double chin
Skin discoloration, dyspigmentation
Wrinkles and excessive folds
Skin rejuvenation

Procedures and products indications, pros and cons

Botox, Dysport or Xeomin pros and cons
All type of fillers indications, pros and cons such as Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, Sculptra, Bellafill
Fractional CO2 laser
Plasma laser
Laser hair removal
Chemical peels, all types such as TCA, Obagi, Cosmelan and more
Spider vein injection

If you don’t know what kind of treatment is right for you, then we will hear from you about your concerns and goals. Thereafter you will be educated about all the treatment options. Dr. Shafa and her assistant will answer all of your questions and recommend a treatment plan tailored to your goal and desired outcome.

There is absolutely no obligation to proceed with the recommended plan. If you decide to move forward with the plan, depending on the schedule of the day and time required for your procedure we may be able to perform the procedure the same day or schedule at a different time more suitable to both of us.

What is not included in a complimentary consultation

The following issues are some but not all that are considered as medical visits and not complimentary services:

Acne treatment
Skin infection
Nail disease
Hair loss and excess hair growth
Symptomatic bumps and lumps on the skin
Rash and skin breakout
Any type of service that needs a prescription
Any type of services that will be processed through insurance
And all medical issues unless is authorized by our office as an indigent, needy case

Feel free to Ask Questions or Call us (949)551-1113 to make an appointment for a free consultation.