What is Chemical Peel?

Chemical Peels is a very effective cosmetic and medical procedure that has been commonly used throughout the world for over past 100 years. Chemical Peels contains acid solution which is applied to the skin to remove dead skin cells, revealing the fresh newer skin underneath.

Benefits of Chemical Peels

  • Will make uneven skin tones more uniform
  • Can brighten and lighten the color of your skin
  • Refine wrinkle lines
  • Improve skin tightness and makes firmer
  • Reduces visible pores
  • Controls active acne
  • Removes facial blemishes
  • Improves skin discoloration and freckles
  • Gives glow and shine to dull skin
  • Improves melasma and pregnancy mask
  • Improves acne scar

We Offer free consultation for chemical peel

At our office during consultation your skin is going to be evaluated by Dr. Shafa and you will be educated about chemical peel risk and benefit. After understanding your need and goal a treatment plan will be discussed with you. You may be a candidate for one session of peel or a series of chemical peels. During such a visit you will be also informed about alternative treatments.

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Chemical Peels- Before and After

Regain your fresh youthful skin and look with our customized “secret Chemical peel” as the above photo

How effective is the chemical peel?

Experience and knowledge for chemical peel is needed to achieve the best result with no complication!!

The procedure is very effective if:

Multiple factors define the final outcome of chemical peel result. When we perform chemical peel it is not only about the name of the acid we used but the key of success is the expertise and experience of the physician in:

  • The correct candidate is chosen
  • The skin is prepped correctly if needed
  • Type of acid and strength of acid is customized
  • Post peel treatment is individualized
  • Combine with other procedures for the optimal end point result
  • Number of layer of solution applied to the skin
  • Post peel treatment is individualized
  • Combine with other procedures for the optimal end point result

Our dermatologist Dr. Parvin Shafa has been treating chemical peel patients in Irvine, Orange County for decades. Ask question or schedule a complimentary consultation to see

Why choosing us with “secret chemical peel”?

Not everyone get the same treatment plan at our practice. Dr. Shafa will have an individual plan with a custom blend of acids that will suit your needs and goal. The key of our success is our expertise to properly prep your skin prior to the treatment which can take weeks, perform the customized peel and treat the skin after the procedure in order to obtain and maintain the optimal result.

Type of Acids used commonly

1) Glycolic acid

2) Salicylic acid

Combo peels

1) Our “Secret peel”

4) Cosmelan MD

2) VI peel or VI peel

3) Jessner peel



Light chemical peels

Light chemical peels gives you a bright, fresh and smooth look to your skin with a very short recovery time. This procedure can be performed with different type of acids, however a lower strength acid is chosen and the contact time of acid with the skin is shorten. Such a quick peel limit the penetration as well as the down time of the procedure. Light peel or “lunch hour” Peel can be performed with the following acids:

  • glycolic acid (Alpha hydroxy Acid) – most commonly used as a light peel
  • Salicylic acid (Beta hydroxy Acid) – used for oily and acne
  • lower strength, thinner layer of TCA which is a stronger acid
  • Topical customized liquid Retinoic acid
  • Milder strength of premade or custom made combo acids


Medium chemical Peel is used to treat acne scars, moderate sun damage, fine lines and weathered skin. This type of procedure usually needs advance consultation, skin preparation and one week recovery time. Commonly used acids for this level peel are as following:

  • TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) or multiple layer application obagi blue peel
  • Our “secret peel”, a customized combo peel

To obtain a deeper peel for our secret peel we use higher strength of different acids, apply multiple layers to the skin with a longer contact time of the solution with the skin. Again type of acid and the level of the peel or using customized peel is going to be defined by Dr. Parvin Shafa during your consultation.


Phenol Peel is the strongest form of acid that has been used in history started in germany over 100 years ago. This was used in the past to correct deeper wrinkles, severe sun damage, acne scar and more aggressive skin rejuvenation. Phenol peel can achieve the most dramatic rejuvenation however the risk of complication is not justified today since we can offer fractionated deep laser treatment for deeper skin rejuvenation with minimal or no risk of complications. Phenol peel risk and benefit is more comparable with old ablative CO2 laser resurfacing downtime, risks and benefit. At this time we use lower strength phenol in our customized combo peel to have the benefit and not the risk.

  • Phenol Peel

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