Scar Excision a good choice for deeper scars*

Occasionally, the scars are deep and isolated such as chickenpox scars, deep cystic acne scars, or trauma-related scars. In these cases, lifting the scar may be too challenging and not promising for a full-level correction. These types of scars can be treated surgically.

How is Scar Excision performed?

After the skin is cleaned in a sterile fashion, the scar will be marked and the area completely anesthetized to ensure the patient experiences a pain-free procedure. Subsequently, the scar will be cut out with a blade and removed. The site will be closed with sutures. The key for optimal results with minimal or no scar is to perform a very symmetric and precise cut and with a fine leveled closure, which is Dr. Shafa’s expertise.

What is Punch excision of acne scar?

Smaller but deeper round scars such as chickenpox or acne scars will be punched out of the skin with a little device. This procedure is painless since Dr. Shafa ensures all her patients are comfortable during procedures by injecting localized numbing to the treated area. Sutures are used and removed in a timely manner to promote proper healing and reducing the risk for any residual marks.

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At OC MedDerm Dr. Shafa stands behind her work by offering complimentary touch-up or lasers at the site of the procedures for the best possible result if needed.

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