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Mole removal with Dr. Parvin Shafa for an amazing result

Dr. Parvin Shafa is among the very few qualified dermatologists in Orange County with extensive experience in skin surgeries. Her passion, talent, and over 25+ years of expertise in skin surgeries and mole removals guarantee your highest possible satisfaction.

Everyone has some moles. If you don’t like your mole or you are concerned about a weird-looking mole, contact us for advice and solution. Ask Questions or Call us to make an appointment.

Just don’t like your mole?

Make an appointment for a complimentary cosmetic mole visit . You will be informed about all possible treatment options as well as the expected outcome for your specific case.

Are you concerned about your mole?

Call us and make an appointment for a medical visit. We accept all PPO’s insurances and medicare to evaluate your mole from a medical standpoint and we can perform a biopsy or excise your mole if needed.

Mole Removal Before and After

Visit our Mole removal before and after gallery to see our amazing results of moles removed by Dr. Shafa. All the photos marked with OC MedDerm are our actual patients.

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Mole removal consultation and treatment options

Not every mole should be removed using the same technique. There are a lot of factors involved in choosing the best plan with an amazing final result. The treatment plan will be tailored to mole shape, size, depth, and location among many other factors. At the time of the visit we will discuss the options with you and customize the plan to meet your desires and expectations. During the consultation, we will provide you with more photos of our procedures to ensure that you are well informed about the plan. After the consultation, there is no obligation to proceed with the procedure, you can take your time to make your own decision. We will always give you enough time to ask more questions and feel comfortable with the final plan.

Learn More What is a Mole?

Moles, also medically known as melanocyte nevi, are skin lesions that we develop naturally throughout our life. Almost everyone has a few moles. Hormonal changes, especially during adolescence or pregnancy, often cause more moles to appear and existing ones to enlarge or darken. Moles are classified into typical moles and atypical moles.

What are typical and atypical moles?

Typical moles are those moles that have not changed in shape and color for years, and while some may consider it to be a “beauty mark”, others may find them annoying and unappealing. Because these moles are harmless, they are not usually something to worry about. Learn more about typical moles.

An atypical mole is an unusual looking mole, also known as dysplastic nevi. Such a mole might be suspicious for melanoma or may resemble melanoma. Unusual looking moles can be evaluated by a special device called a Dermascope. If any suspicious criteria are found by a dermoscopic exam, a skin biopsy can be performed to confirm if the diagnosis is cancer or not.

Learn more about atypical moles.

What is Melanoma?

Melanoma is an aggressive deadly type of skin cancer. In a few words, it looks like an “ugly mole” that is asymmetric, irregular, large, and growing with a weird or uneven color. Remember “Ugly duckling sign” of Melanoma is when a mole on your skin stands out and looks different than all the other surrounding moles. Such a weird-looking mole must be checked and biopsied to confirm the diagnosis as soon as possible. Click here to learn more about Melanoma

An atypical mole with an increased risk of becoming melanoma

If you have multiple atypical moles, then you inherited an increased chance of developing melanoma. you need to be well educated regarding your ABCDE of Melanoma and have regular skin checks by your doctor.

Other skin lesions that can look like a mole

There are numerous other types of skin lesions that might look like a mole. Most of such skin bumps and blemishes can be evaluated and removed for cosmetic purposes. However, some mole-like lesions can be an early manifestation of an internal disease or early signs of skin cancer. In such a case, the lesion must be evaluated clinically and more in-depth with dermoscopy. Upon recommendation, a biopsy can confirm the diagnosis and rule out internal disease or skin cancer.

Remember if any such a skin lesion is new, changing, growing, irritating, bleeding, or hurting, then it must be evaluated and properly treated as soon as possible.

Depending on the diagnosis and location, there are certain ways of removing lesions for the best outcome. After your skin lesion is examined, Dr. Shafa will recommend the best procedure

Learn more about other skin lesions that might look like a mole

Is the skin surgery painful?

NO! Our skin surgeries are painless because we completely anesthetize the targeted area before operating. Our skin surgeries are painless because we completely anesthetize the targeted area before operating. We can make you laugh with “laughing gas” during the procedure and for sure will see you smile after the healing phase. Learn more about how we remove moles.

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