Eyelid Stye & Bumps Surgery

What are styes and chalazions?

Styes and chalazions can have similar appearances as both present as “bumps on the upper or lower eyelids”. Formation of such lesions are due to blockages of eyelid glands which then become infected or inflamed.

Stye “acne of eyelid” is acute, more painful, tender, and red with an angry-appearance.

Chalazions, meaning “hail stone” in Greek, are lesions that typically present as painless localized bumps that are visible on the outside and inside of the eyelid.

Stye and chalazion formation on eyelids are a very common issue for middle-aged females and males, but can happen to people of all ages.

How do we treat a stye and chalazion?

After evaluating the cause of your eyelid lesions, our physicians will discuss the various treatment options including their risks, benefits, and alternatives. Oftentimes conservative treatment (including prescription medications) is feasible and the treatment of choice. In certain cases, minimally invasive surgery may be required to relieve pain, pressure, and pus out of the eye lesion. Same day appointments for acute emergency eyelid conditions are available.

Why get treated by a dermatologist?

Styes can be considered “acne of the eyelid”. They are caused by blockage and inflammation of the eyelid follicles/glands. Patients with underlying skin conditions that affect the eyelids (i.e. rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis) are prone to having frequent episodes of styes or other types of eyelid inflammation/infection. Eye makeup (particularly if contaminated by bacteria) can increase risk for stye formation by clogging eyelid pores and resulting in inflammation of the eyelid gland.



The above patient of ours failed conservative treatments with topical and oral medications for this eyelid lesion. The patient subsequently underwent a minimally invasive eyelid surgery performed by one of our physicians. The above photos represent before and after images after treatment. This patient did not have any recurrence of their prior lesion within the next several years following treatment.

Eyelid skin cancer

It is important to remember that any non-healing skin lesion could be a skin cancer until proven otherwise. Eyelids are especially susceptible to skin cancers given their anatomical propensity for sun exposure. It is imperative to have any eyelid lesion that has not healed for several weeks to be evaluated by a dermatologist. At OC MedDerm, our dermatologists will evaluate your skin lesions using a dermatoscope (instrument that uses light and magnification to evaluate lesions). If a biopsy or excision of the skin lesion on your eyelid is recommended, we will schedule you for a minimally invasive eyelid procedure. The procedure will be performed under local anesthesia and in a completely sterile fashion in our office. We will send the skin specimen for microscopic evaluation to confirm our clinical diagnosis. See us for a medical appointment and receive appropriate evaluation for any eyelid lesions.

Molluscum contagiosum

Molluscum is a localized viral infection that typically presents as single or multiple small, flesh-colored papules on the skin. Molluscum can affect any part of the skin but is commonly seen on eyelids and eyelid margins. Molluscum is usually more common in children but patients of all ages can be affected, especially if they have comorbidities. As a result, molluscum in adults may require work up to rule out any underlying undiagnosed immunocompromising diseases. If diagnosed with molluscum after your evaluation, our physicians will provide you with various treatment options that can be performed in the clinic.

Actinic keratosis

Actinic keratosis also known as AKs are “pre-cancers” that typically present as non-healing, dry, scaly, and red lesions. The lesion may appear anywhere on skin, however, sun-exposed areas such as the face and eyelids are more prone to such skin lesions. AKs have the potential to transform to skin cancers called squamous cell carcinomas (SCC). AKs and SCCs may often present similarly therefore it is important to be evaluated by a dermatologist for proper management, which may include a skin biopsy. The removed skin specimen will be sent for microscopic evaluation to confirm diagnosis of AK vs SCC on the eyelids (important distinction as they have different treatment options). At our office our dermatologists will evaluate, biopsy and remove any non-healing or annoying lesions. In our expert hands, minimal visible scar is expected after the majority of our eyelid surgeries or procedures. Feel free to see us for a medical appointment.

Eyelid laceration

Eyelid trauma can be a result of an accident or animal bite. If you suffer from deep eyelid laceration with or without possible involvement of your eye please go to an Emergency Room immediately.

You can see us at OC MedDerm for uncomplicated eyelid trauma for the same day appointment and medical care. Immediate attention and treatment of eyelids is warranted since any skin injury to the eyelid must be treated promptly. Untreated skin lacerations are prone to infection and can lead to poor healing and worse scarring. If you suffer from uncomplicated eyelid trauma, feel free to see us for a same day medical appointment.

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