Skin Surgery

Here at OC MedDerm we perform a wide spectrum of cosmetic and medical skin surgeries and procedures.

Complimentary Consultation

For all of our cosmetic procedures we offer complimentary consultation to be educated about treatment options, recovery time, and expected result.

We accept PPO Insurances

For all of our medical procedures we accept all PPO insurances and Medicare. During your medical visit you will be educated about all risks and benefits of the surgery and the expected outcome.

Types of surgeries we perform

Mole Removal

Bump and Lump Correction

Acne Extraction

Skin Tear Closure

Foreign Body Removal from Skin

Skin Nodules Removal and Biopsy

Cyst elimination

Non Healing Lesion Biopsy

Acne Scar Revision

Ingrown Nail Surgery

Eyelid Dtye Drainage

Sebaceous Gland Hyperplasia Removal

Abscess Drainage

Skin Cancer Excision

Ear lobe Repair

Nail Extraction

Warts Excision

Painless Procedure

Our procedures are performed in a comforting and relaxed atmosphere. We use all modalities of pain control including cooling devices, topical and local anesthesia.

Dr. Shafa’s Passion and Talent for
Delicate Surgery

Dr. Parvin Shafa is a perfectionist with her fine and delicate surgeries. She dedicates extra time and effort to ensure the best possible cosmetic result. We offer complimentary follow up with skin surgery to guarantee the highest level of patient satisfaction with barely visible to no scarring.

Since Dr. Parvin Shafa is an expert in all types of skin surgery all procedures are performed in the shortest amount of time possible with unbelievable beautiful result.