Ear Surgeries, Cosmetic

Aesthetics and medical ear surgeries are one of our signature services

At OC MedDerm, you can see us for each and every type of external ear problem you may be facing. Our dermatologists are experts in ear surgeries, including but not limited to, earlobe repair, removal of ear’s bumps/lumps, ear trauma/tears repairs, reshaping of the ears and most importantly biopsy and removal of any suspicious non-healing lesions which can be skin cancer.

For any cosmetic ear issues, we offer a complimentary consultation. During our complimentary visit for aesthetic ear surgeries, you will be evaluated by one of our dermatologists and informed about treatment options with no obligations. All of our ear surgeries are performed in the office under sterile conditions and pain-free using local anesthesia.

For medically related ear problems, you can be seen for a medical visit. We are contracted with nearly all PPO health insurances as well as medicare.

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Aesthetic ear surgery services offered:

  • Removal of torn piercing site due to heavy earrings and re-piercing if desired
  • Stretched earring hole size reduction or closure (including gauged ears)
  • Ear keloid excision and injection
  • Earlobe rejuvenation with dermal filler
  • Unwanted ear mole removal
  • Ear discoloration treatment
  • Laser hair removal on ears
  • Elongated earlobe reduction
  • Earlobe reshaping
  • Sterile, pain-free earring piercing anywhere in ears

Medical ear surgeries:

Non healing skin lesions (cancer until proven otherwise)

  • Ear lesion biopsies
  • Ear cancer excision and treatment
  • Cauliflower ear (wrestler’s ear) treatment
  • Ear abscess treatment
  • Ear cyst treatment
  • Any other painful or discomforting ear treatment(ie chondrodermatitis nodularis helicis, etc)

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Torn earlobe repair


A complete split earlobe or elongated ear-piercing site frequently occurs as a result of years of wearing heavy earrings or prior use of gauged/stretching earrings.

Earlobe splitting can also occur following injuries resulting from pulled earrings or other types of accidents. Our dermatologists have the knowledge, training, and experience to repair and reshape such ears. At OC MedDerm, following proper earlobe repair, patients are offered the option for precise re-piercing if desired as well. Treatment and expected results will vary from a case to case basis. These procedures are performed solely by fully-licensed dermatologists under entirely sterile conditions.

Earlobe deformities can be corrected and repierced


Above we have before and after photos of one of our patients who was unhappy with the shape of her earlobes. After corrective surgery was performed on her earlobes and they healed properly, our patient desired repiercing of her ears which we gladly performed. She was thrilled with the results.

Elongated earlobe with dangling earrings can be shorten and re-pierced

Many patients are bothered by droopy or elongated earlobes. At OC MedDerm, our physicians provide earlobe reductions such as the one noted in the images above. This is a customized procedure specific to each individual case. This procedure is performed with just local anesthesia and leaves minimal scarring as the scar is often hidden behind or within creases of the ear.


Here are before and after photos of one of our patients who was unhappy with the stretched holes she had developed on her earlobes over the years. We performed corrective surgery to remove the stretched piercing hole and decreased the size of the earlobes as well as requested by the patient.

Earlobe Keloids


Keloids are common fibrous scars that tend to occur on the ears. Risk and treatment options are thoroughly discussed here. As mentioned, our dermatologists will evaluate your keloids and choose the proper modality of treatment for your particular case. If the decision is made to surgically remove a keloid, our dermatologists will commonly provide steroid injections following the excision to ensure the keloid does not return. If you are prone to keloid formation and interested in receiving another piercing, we highly recommend you do so at OC MedDerm under the care of our dermatologists who will provide care to prevent keloid formation. Click on ear piercings for more info.

Ear moles


Another common request that we have is removal of unwanted moles on the ears. These moles can be cosmetically bothersome or a nuisance to deal with (get caught on clothing/jewelry or cut while shaving/haircuts). At OC MedDerm, our dermatologists are well-trained to remove such unwanted moles in a sterile, pain-free manner with great cosmetic outcome.

Correct misplaced ear piercing


If your ear piercing is misplaced, you can see us for a pain free, sterile ear re-piercing. We will place your new ear piercing precisely where you desire as in the above photo of our patient.

Ear bumps removal, cosmetic

The above is a before and after photo of our patient who disliked the “unsightly bump” on her ear. The procedure was quick, pain free. Our patient is extremely happy with the outcome and reported as “outstanding result”.


Earlobe Rejuvenation

The ears are not spared from aging. Similar to the face, ears tend to age with time and lose collagen and fat. A simple, yet effective treatment to give aged/wrinkled ears a rejuvenated appearance is earlobe filler. The physicians at OC MedDerm will be able to evaluate patients on a case by case basis to determine if earlobe filler is a potential option.

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For cosmetic ear issues we offer complimentary consultations with our dermatologists. If you are unhappy or bothered by the appearance of your ears, feel free to Call us to make an appointment for a consultation. During your visit, our physicians will do a thorough evaluation, discuss your wants and needs, and provide you with various options that are customized to you. Treatment options will be discussed thoroughly including risks, benefits and alternative options without any obligations. Feel free to ask questions.


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