Don’t Live with Your Itching

Many patients choose to ignore itchiness, considering it to be a part of life – this can be a detriment to their skin, nails, and overall health. Allowing the cause of your itching to remain undiagnosed and untreated may leave you vulnerable to a delayed diagnosis of a chronic disease or illness. Generally, there are 3 main causes of itching:

1. Internal

  • Itching, along with rashes, may be a physical manifestation of an underlying disease or illness, such as liver disease, that has not yet been diagnosed
  • Choosing not to see a dermatologist for your chronic itching may lead to a delayed diagnosis and unnecessary progression of the disease
  • Early diagnosis of your itching and any related disease often leads to more effective treatment

2. External

  • An infection or disease of the skin itself may be the cause of your itching
  • In this case, a dermatologist will be able to evaluate your skin and determine a diagnosis clinically or perform a biopsy of the area if needed
  • Scabies is a common, contagious skin infection known as the, “7-year itch” due to the lengthy nature the mites are able to live in your skin
  • A dermatologist is able to determine the diagnosis clinically and prescribe a simple treatment that will quickly and permanently resolve your itching

3. Psychological

  • Chronic itching may be a physical manifestation of certain psychological disorders
  • Evaluation by a physician to rule out other internal and external causes may lead to a referral to a psychologist or psychiatrist, who will then be able to confirm a diagnosis and begin treatment

The good news is that almost every cause of itching is treatable! Call us to schedule an appointment or Ask questions to have our physician make a diagnosis and prevent the cause of your itching from progressing.

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