Internal Cancers with Skin Manifestations

Skin is a mirror of internal diseases or cancer

We frequently have patients that seek our office for a new onset of a type of skin lesion. Most of the time, based on a history and exam, we are able to identify a diagnosis and see what are the best treatment options. Rarely is the skin finding a puzzle when we perform further workup is indicated. Tests such as Blood tests and skin biopsy can be helpful to figure out the origin of the skin lesions. Occasionally after extensive investigation, we find that the source of skin eruption is an internal disease or cancer with so-called cutaneous manifestation of internal disease. The following photos are a few examples of skin diseases as a result of internal cancer and disease.

Two different patients both presented with skin eruption, called Vasculitis, located on lower extremities. These skin eruptions are confirmed to be associated with internal cancer.

Two different cases of patients with skin rashes associated with lung cancer

The above are only a few examples of cutaneous manifestation, which is a skin eruption associated with an internal disease or cancer. If you have a non-healing skin bump or rash, call us to make an appointment to be evaluated, diagnosed and receive proper treatment.

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