Acne scar leveling with plasma laser and steroid injection*

At OC MedDerm, we evaluate your skin and the type of acne scars you have to individualize a treatment plan for you. “One size fits all is absolutely not true in medicine.” There are many factors we consider before we suggest any procedures to remove your acne scars.

Who is a candidate for this procedure?

Patients with acne scars, such as hypertrophic or keloidal type scars, will benefit from this. An individual patient may have more than one type of scar, so a combination therapy will be recommended.

What are hypertrophic and keloid acne scars?

Acne scars are classified as:

Atrophic scars

Atrophic acne scars, the most common type of acne scars, have an indented appearance (Boxcar scar, rolling scar, and ice pick scar)

Hypertrophic or keloidal scar

Hypertrophic or keloidal acne scar which are raised scars and less common.
To learn more about the type and texture of acne scar click here.

Steroid injection to treat raised keloid scars

Before Keloid injection

After keloid injection

Remember in general, we avoid injuring keloid tissue which can worsen the scar, therefore, raised keloidal scar is suitable for steroid injection which breaks and shrinks the scars.

Keloidal acne scars can keep growing, therefore steroid injections are the first treatment option.

If keloids are large, multiple sessions of injections are typically needed in order to stop further growth of the keloids and to level the scar. We advise you not to wait until keloidal scars are large and thick. On the other hand, for smaller scars, we will expect faster and better results

Plasma Laser to treat raised acne scars

Certain types of scars can be slightly raised from skin level, but are not considered keloidal scars. Raised non-keloidal scars can be leveled with plasma laser, which is a gentle and very effective laser that does not stimulate or irritate deeper layers of the skin.

Combination therapy for acne scar removal

Some cases of acne scars may include keloidal scars on the neck, jawline area or atrophic scars on temples and cheeks. Keeping in mind that these patients’ skin is more prone to keloids, we might opt to shrink keloids with steroids and lift skin indentation with other modalities to reach our goals.

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