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Dr. Parvin Shafa | August 16, 2021

Living in Southern California means year round sunshine and blue skies. While this truly is a blessing it also means having to be bikini ready at all times. For many of our patients putting on a bikini or even a pair of shorts can be a nerve-wracking experience as they are confronted with the sight of dark, discolored spider veins. Spider veins are usually a result of your genetics. They may also increase after each pregnancy. Additionally, they may be more prevalent in women who have spent a significant amount of time on their feet in careers such as nurses, educators, or flight attendant. The good news is, there is a simple treatment available with permanent results! Sclerotherapy is the injection of saline or Asclera (a synthetic foam) which irritates blood vessels and causes unsightly spider veins to “collapse” and fade away over time. For most patients, 3 sclerotherapy treatments will lead to 90% improvement in the appearance of their spider veins. Dr. Shafa’s expertise is injection. She has been performing these types of treatments every day for the last 20+ years. Her level of precision and attention to detail means all the difference when it comes to treating your spider veins. Come in for a complimentary consultation and start the journey to be bikini ready in time for this summer!

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