Alternatives to Accutane

Dr. Parvin Shafa | August 16, 2021

Absorica (formerly Accutane) or Isotretinoin is not always needed!!

Our acne treatments are tailored to the needs of our patients and can work for even the worst of acne. Follow Amanda’s case!

You shouldn’t have to hide your acne with makeup. This type of camouflage will further clog your pores, while the chemicals found in makeup may irritate your skin and slow down the healing process.

Covering acne with makeup is the opposite of what we recommend! We advise frequent cleaning and unclogging the pores!

When Amanda first came to our office, she was suffering from devastatingly painful acne; it created tremendous psychological pressure and stress for her.

At that time, we felt that Amanda would end up starting Absorica (formerly called Accutane) treatment, a very intense therapy for severe and persistent acne. However, Dr. Shafa always ensures that all other potential treatment options have been tried before committing to Absorbica. Since the program requires two negative pregnancy tests a month apart prior to dispensing medication, this gives us one last chance to try an individualized treatment during this waiting period. Amazingly, some of our patients do respond to our gentle individualized treatments.

Amanda’s breakouts have healed completely, and her face is clear of active acne after just after two months of medication. She has now started fractionated CO2 laser treatments for acne scar correction.

The photographed results of her corrected acne scars with fractionated CO2 laser are coming soon!!!

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