Non Surgical Jaw Reduction

Non Surgical Jawline Correction with medical and cosmetic benefit



  • Does your overly prominent jawline affect your self-esteem?
  • Do you suffer from headache caused by TMJ?
  • Have you been diagnosed with grinding teeth?
  • Do you desire a thinner lower face?
  • Does your TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) hurt?

There is a simple quick solution for you!!! Just a few minutes quick treatment.

What we can achieve by jawline contouring with injection of Botox or Dysport:

  • Contours the jawline without invasive surgical intervention
  • Creates a more oval lower face instead of a round of square jaw
  • Improves facial symmetry and proportions
  • Provides noticeable results without any downtime
  • Treats teeth grinding
  • Resolves TMJ pain
  • Treats headache caused TMJ

A strong jawline may be due to a variety of factors including genetics or certain lifestyle choices. If you wish to reduce the size of your jaw but are hoping to avoid painful and risky jaw reduction surgery Botox or Dysport injections can be an excellent treatment option. Dr. Shafa is able to shrink and relax the muscles which contribute to a large jaw. It takes just a few minutes to inject botox or Dysport directly into your prominent jaw muscle to make it slimmer and more slender.

Why has my jaw become enlarged?

Your prominent jawline is genetic or is the result of an overexerted masseter muscle. This muscle is used for chewing and speaking. When the masseter is overused, such as with frequent and strong chewing or through stress behaviors like teeth grinding or clenching the jaw can enlarge over time.

How does Botox or Dysport slim my jaw?

Most patients are aware that Botulism (Botox or Dysport) is an effective treatment to smooth wrinkles but do not know that the injection works within your muscles specifically. Botox or Dysport injection is a noninvasive, nonsurgical procedure that slims your jawline by relaxing your overexerted masseter muscle and avoids complicated jaw surgery which is usually only recommended in cases of severe dental and TMJ issues.

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