Author: Dr.Omeed Ahadiat

What are the best shower habits for healthy skin?

The first thing I learned in dermatology residency is how rough we are as a society on our skin. The scrubbing, the hot water, the harsh fragrance-filled skin products. It doesn’t come as any surprise that so many people complain of skin issues. We have been taught the wrong things when it comes to skin […]


Is sunscreen use safe?

Is sunscreen safe for everyday use? This topic can be very extensive and I’ve reviewed a lot of literature that I will attempt to summarize in a clear concise way. First let’s mention the established points that the majority of people in the field agree upon. There is strong evidence linking ultraviolet light exposure to […]


When should I start getting botox?

One of the most common questions I get from younger patients and friends interested in skin care is: “when should I start getting botox?” There is no evidence based answer for this question but there is an answer that makes sense to me from a scientific and common sense standpoint. Wrinkles on the skin develop […]