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At OC MedDerm, skin surgeries and mole removal is one of our signature services. This type of procedures are Dr. shafa’s talent and passion. She has performed thousands of such a procedure. The final cosmetic result of our mole removal is amazing with no exception. Click here to see a sample of our before and after mole removals photos.

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Typical Moles:

  • Congenital Moles – born with it
  • Acquire Moles – developed throughout life

These type of moles are those harmless moles that we are asked to remove it due to cosmetic purposes.

Congenital Moles

This type of moles are thoses that one is born with. They are classified as small. Medium and large moles ranging in size from less than 1.5 cm up to more than 20 cm in diameter. They can have different color, pattern, location, texture and with or without hair.

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A birth, one may be born with a few moles called congenital moles. Moles on the face or other frequently exposed areas of skin may be troubling for children psychologically. If a mole or skin lesion is affecting your child confidence and self esteem or your child is particularly troubled by a mole, consult with Dr. Shafa for the cosmetic removal of such bothersome skin lesions.

Acquired Typical Moles

This type of moles are those that you develop through your life.They usually appear in childhood or adolescence anywhere on the body. These types of moles can be 1 to 10 millimeters in size and a person typically has around 10 such moles. Typical moles are usually round, flat, and do not change over time, described as benign. They range in colors of flesh-colored, yellow, brown, or black.


Let Dr. Shafa evaluate your mole to define its classification and what, if anything, needs to be done. Ask questions or call us to make an appointment for complementary consultation to have your moles or skin lesions removed cosmetically.

Benign moles classification:

Benign moles are classified based on clinical characteristics and histological appearance to the followings:

  •  junctional moles
  •  Intradermal Moles
  • compound moles

Based on size and depth typical benign moles are medically classified as the above:

Junctional Nevi – small and flat, superficial, early mole

Compound nevi – Deeper into the skin

Dermal nevi – largest size, raised, deep smooth or bumpy surface

Other type of benign moles are:

Halo moles