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Full reviews, in my opinion, are quite the overstatement, and as thus, I avoid giving them. My experience here, however, far exceeded my expectations. Family members I had seen only twice this summer even commented on how much nicer my face looked.

I was home from school for the summer, and as thus had a very limited amount of time available. Knowing I had little over two months for treatment, Dr. Shafa laid out a plan to tackle my ACNE SCARS in a mere 3 treatments. I was somewhat uncertain at first, having been reminded that acne scar treatment does not typically have substantial instantaneous improvement, though this is where the five stars come in. After my first treatment, a great number of my former scars were now no longer visible or barely so. What was formerly a cheek nearly a third coated from my left zygoma to mandible, one could barely tell I had been marked by mistakes past.

At the time of this review, I am 18 years old. A few things that Dr. Shafa told me which later had me sold were that young people still have much ahead, and therefore a permanent treatment would not be optimal. Secondly, that she would not suggest/perform a treatment that she would not do to her own family. Thus, we went through with needling and microdermabrasion. I was slightly skeptical about her statements at first, however, she definitely proved its legitimacy.

-She made sure to ask frequently if I felt any discomfort so she could numb an area further (+). -She was very direct leading a “no-nonsense” aura while also being conversational and friendly: very respectable practice (+).
-Consultation was straightforward and it was made clear why she felt that my treatment was the BEST treatment in my case (+).
My only qualm is that it was far too efficient to be true.

Medicine is an art, and Dr. Shafa is undoubtedly worthy of renown. Give her a chance if you are looking for treatment. You will not be disappointed I assure you.

I have been a patient of Dr. Shafa’s for over 5 years and have seen her for both cosmetic and medical procedures. I have been receiving the laser hair removal treatment and I am extremely happy with results. Hair has not regrown in nearly 90% of the locations and procedure is both inexpensive and fast, less than 20 minutes. There is no pain and I wouldn’t waste my money on any equipment you can purchase in the store; a professional machine is really required and you’ll be happy with the results. She also has fixed my broken capillaries in my face. Dr. Shafa knows how to improve your appearance and is a fantastic doctor. I wouldn’t consider going to another Dermatologist.