Mole Removal - Before and After

The majority of moles have a deep root and the only option to have it removed is through excision. With Dr. Shafa’s expertise, the root of the mole can be removed with barely visible or no scarring.

For certain types and locations of the moles (such as the tip of the nose), excision might not be the best option. Dr. Shafa tailors the type of procedures individually for an optimal outcome for each patient. The top right photo shows the skin lesion 2 weeks after a pain-free procedure was done.

There is nothing in medicine (such as a laser) that will remove a mole with no scar. However if a mole is removed in a proper technique by an expert, the outcome of the removal will be flawless, as our patient shown above.

Certain type of skin lesions that looks like a mole can be treated without pain, cut, downtime, follow up visit or scar. Call us for complimentary consultation to see if your unwanted “mole” might be one of those lesions.