Confidential, Quick, and Effective STD & STI Screening and Treatment

Testing for STDs or STIs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases or Infections) is something that we often worry about but may fail to do regularly. At OC MedDerm, Dr. Parvin Shafa – who has been practicing medicine in Irvine for over 20 years – will guide you through the proper screening for STDs and STIs, making sure that the process is confidential, thorough, and open-minded.

STDs can be detected with a glance!

Did you know that many STDs can be detected by your physician with an exam of the affected area? In most cases, the diagnosis can be confirmed with a simple urine or blood test.

STDs can also be “silent”.

Are you aware that most STDs, including herpes, genital warts, HIV, and syphilis, may not present with any physical symptoms? Individuals with no symptoms are said to be “carriers” and can unknowingly transmit the disease to others. A blood or urine test can confirm the diagnosis and allow for proper treatment for you and any partners.

Genital warts can be diagnosed visually.

Some STDs, like genital warts, may present with physical signs but are not detected by common blood or urine tests. Through training and experience, Dr. Shafa can diagnose genital warts with a visual assessment of any skin lesions. If lesions are not clearly visible or there is any doubt, Dr. Shafa will use an acetic acid test at the time of the visit to confirm the diagnosis. This test involves the application of a few drops of painless, clear solution to the affected area, which allows for visualization of the lesions. All necessary treatments will subsequently be discussed and offered.

Comprehensive STD screening reduces the risk of all STDs.

Dr. Shafa offers a comprehensive STD and STI screening package, which includes a clinical exam followed by all relevant blood and urine tests.

STD treatments are available at the office.

If a diagnosis of an STD or STI is confirmed, we offer many simple treatment options that are available right here in the office. These include cryotherapy treatments, oral antibiotics, and penicillin injections.

Partners may need treatment as well.

In certain cases, Dr. Shafa may be able to provide empiric or preventive treatment for any affected partners without needing to evaluate them.

Contact Us!

If you are concerned about any recent exposures to STDs or STIs and have not recently been tested, please do not hesitate to call us and make an appointment to see Dr. Shafa. During your appointment, Dr. Shafa will evaluate your skin as well as your overall health and provide any necessary screening options. If an STD or STI is diagnosed, Dr. Shafa will explain the variety of treatment options available that are best suited to your needs. She will help you select the best regimen for you and any partners. If you have questions prior to your visit, please to not hesitate to ask here!