Botox for men forehead horizontal lines

Get rid of forehead lines and creases within just a few minutes with a procedure that is quick, painless, effective, and has no risk!

Before photos with treatment of Dysport or Botox

The patient above disliked his deep horizontal creases both during movement and at rest.

After Dysport

The photo above is our patient’s forehead after Dysport injection at rest. Since both Botox and Dysport relax the muscles, our patient still has the same wrinkle free look while lifting his eyebrows.

After a quick procedure with Dysport this patient received great results. He is very happy with his outcome and no additional treatments are needed for his forehead lines!

The left photo is our patient who disliked his very deep horizontal forehead lines. The photo on the right is post treatment with Dysport.

Despite reduction of the forehead lines, the patient desired a completely wrinkle free forehead. In this case, there is risk of eyebrow droop with higher amounts of Botox or Dysport injection. Therefore, residual lines were corrected with one session of filler, which usually lasts over 1 year.

After Dysport and Restylane

The above photo is a forehead during movement with full correction after combination treatment of Dysport and Restylane.

Our patient is very happy with his final outcome of treatment!

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